John Kassel and Theile McVey

John Kassel and Theile McVey

John Kassel

Throughout my legal career, I have represented individuals and families that have suffered injury or death as a result of the negligence of others. I take only one side. And that’s the side of injured folks and their families.

I graduated in 1979 from Northwestern University with a B.A. degree. After school, I joined VISTA, or Volunteers in Service to America, often described as the domestic arm of the Peace Corps. As a VISTA volunteer, I worked for the Brown Lung Association, a grass roots group of mainly retired textile workers living in the Carolinas, Virginia and Georgia. Most of the membership had spent long years employed in cotton textile mills and suffered from debilitating lung disease arising from exposure to cotton dust.

In 1982, I enrolled in the University of South Carolina School of Law and graduated with a J.D. degree in 1985. I worked as a public defender in Richland County until 1987 when I joined the firm of Suggs and Kelly, P.A., a firm dedicated to representing individuals and their families who had been injured or killed by the negligence of others. I opened my own firm in 2001 and have continued to represent plaintiffs in personal injury actions involving medical malpractice, products liability, premises liability, motor vehicle and truck wreck cases, and faulty construction cases.

I am a licensed member of the South Carolina Bar, practicing in the state and federal courts within the state. I am a member of the Bar of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia. I am a member of the South Carolina Association for Justice, the American Association for Justice, and the American Bar Association. I have served on the Board of Directors for Limitless Sports, The Richland County Public Defender Office, and currently serve on the Board for the Appleseed Legal Justice Center.

I can be contacted by phone at 803.256.4242 or by email at