While cases are settled prior to court or tried in the courtroom, some cases are appealed to appellate courts. The following is a list of appellate cases handled by the firm.

  1. Residential Construction (2006) – found in favor of homeowners against bank where there was evidence that bank was substantially involved in completing construction of home when builder went bankrupt.
  2. Arbitration Provision (2006) – invalidated arbitration provision allowing homeowners to bring action against home inspector in court.
  3. Products Liability (2005) – defined the law in South Carolina when an injured worker or consumer injured by a defective product can proceed in an action against a successor company which purchased the assets of the original manufacturer of the defective  product.
  4. Tort Claims Act (2003) – raised issue of the constitutionality of a federal statute involving time limits for filing actions in state courts that was ultimately decided by the United States Supreme Court.
  5. Products Liability  (2003) – upheld a products liability verdict for family of heavy equipment mechanic who was killed while working on a front end loader that had a defective safety mechanism.
  6. Tort Claims Act (1999)- upheld jury verdict for family of child killed at amusement park and defined rights of individuals under the South Carolina Tort Claims Act.
  7. Premises Liability (1997) – found owners of corporation liable for death of child at amusement park who were asserting that their corporation should shield them from responsibility.
  8. Products Liability (1997) – allowed injured worker to bring action against manlift installer where manlift malfunctioned.
  9. Products Liability  (1996) – involved death of mechanic while working on a raising platform that malfunctioned.
  10. Tort Claims Act (1993) – allowed family for deceased child to bring an action against the school district for grossly negligent conduct which resulted in the child’s death.
  11. Insurance (1992) – successful declaratory judgment action seeking to reform homeowners’ insurance policy to find coverage for house fire
  12. Constitutional Rights (1988) – criminal case reversing murder conviction after court failed to uphold constitutional right to counsel, resulting in retrial.